Wildlife Research

I have conducted ecological research into several rare ground beetle species, including the Kugelann’s Ground Beetle and the Blue Ground Beetle.

Recent publications include identification guides to British Beetles including Carabus and Tiger-beetles – see Publications for more information.

a photo of a blue ground beetle

Blue Ground Beetle

I have studied the ecology of the Blue Ground Beetle Carabus intricatus. A rare Red Data Book species confined to a few sites around Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor in the UK.

More information at the Blue Ground Beetle page.

a photo of a kugelann's ground beetle

Kugelann’s Ground Beetle

A rare Red Data Book ground beetle found on heathlands in southern England.

For information visit the Kugelann’s Ground Beetle page

a photo of a heath potter wasp

Heath Potter Wasp

A solitary wasp found on heathlands in southern England. I have spent the last few summers making an intensive study of this little known but fascinating insect.

More information on the Potter Wasp Page

a photo of a violet oil beetle

Oil Beetles

Five species of oil beetle are currently known in the UK. I have observed these fascinating insects for many years and since 2011 have conducted research into their ecology for Buglife.

More information on the oil beetle page.