Guides to British Beetles

Available for Free as PDF files.

These guides, produced with Mark Telfer, are aimed at field naturalists who would like to learn more about identifying British beetles. We are currently working on guides to all the ground beetles.

  1. Carabus Calosoma and Cychrus (Download PDF)
  2. Cylindera and Cicindela Tiger-beetles (Download PDF)
  3. Dor Beetles Geotrupidae and Bolboceratidae (Download PDF)
  4. Plate-jaw Beetles Leistus (Download PDF)
  5. Heart-shield Beetles Nebria, Eurynebria and Pelophila (Download PDF)
  6. Springtail-stalkers Notiophilus (Download Part A, Download Part B)
  7. Bombardier Beetles Brachinus, and Omophron, Loricera, Broscus and Miscodera (Download PDF)
  8. Peacock Beetles Elaphrus and Blethisa (Download PDF)
  9. Driftliners Pogonus (Download PDF)
  10. Poecilus Greenclocks (Download PDF)
  11. Asaphidion (Download PDF)
  12. Patrobus Pinchnecks (Download PDF)
  13. Odacantha Drypta Callistus Oodes Masoreus (Download PDF)
  14. Anisodactylus Short-spurs (Download PDF)
  15. Dromius Demetrias (Download PDF)
  16. Pterostichus, Stomis and Abax (Download PDF)
  17. Chlaenius (Download PDF)

As I release more of these guides for download, I'll announce them via Twitter, so follow me for regular updates.

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