Field Paintings

p.My first visit to the wood this spring was on 19 April. On a damp early morning there was a lot of Redstart activity with five males and two females seen. Lots of singing and chasing taking place but all difficult to follow in the treetops. My main aim is to try and capture the male’s display to the female. This was bound to be happening but being in the right place at the right time is never easy. Over the following few days there was less activity and at times it seemed as if there were just one or two males present.

A ‘quick walk’ through the wood on a beautiful clear sunny evening on 22nd turned into a 3 hour stay as one of the males was exploring crevices in a stone wall and frequently displaying. When the female appeared in a nearby oak he performed a superb display flight with tail fanned out fully and a wavering flight – a stunning sight which for me is one of the highlights of wildlife watching in this country.

John Walters

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