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Roe Deer October 2011
Roe Deer October 2011 29 October 2011

The Roe Deer have been showing well in their favourite field and I have been able to sketch them on several evenings over the last few weeks.

Roe Deer, Holne Chase
Roe Deer, Holne Chase 05 May 2011

Up to four roe deer having been showing well in the evening feeding on dandelion seed heads.

Roe Deer, Hembury Woods
Roe Deer, Hembury Woods 01 March 2011

These roe deer have returned to a favourite corner of the wood where they can lie in the early spring sunshine and feed on bramble leaves. I watched this pair for three hours on a sunny afternoon.

Roe Deer, Hembury Woods
Roe Deer, Hembury Woods 18 February 2011

With a return to sunny weather the roe deer are back in their usual haunt. After a few weeks of watching them they have become used to my presence and allow me to sit within 40 metres to sketch them.