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Redstarts 21 April 2012

Despite the weather the first male Redstarts have arrived in the oakwoods of the Dart Valley and are setting up territories . They have been keeping a low profile this week but in the early morning sunshine over the last couple of days they have started singing. The males perch at the top of oak trees and sing their short warble repeatedly.

Redstarts 2011
Redstarts 2011 17 April 2011

The settled weather over Europe and north Africa through much of April has led to the early arrival of summer migrant birds.

Redstart 03 May 2009

My first visit to the wood this spring was on 19 April. On a damp early morning there was a lot of Redstart activity with five males and two females seen. Lots of singing and chasing taking place but all difficult to follow in the treetops. My main aim is to try and capture the male’s display to the female.

Redstart 05 May 2008

I have been out watching redstarts in the woods over the last week. By 28 April four males have arrived in my study area and one female has been seen so far. I first saw them on 23 April after returning from holiday so they may have been in a few days already.