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Mandarin Ducks
Mandarin Ducks 11 March 2015

I have spent many hours over the winter sitting under the concrete bridge of the A38 near Buckfastleigh. Not the most scenic of places with the concrete supports covered by local graffiti artists but an excellent all weather site for sketching. Here up to 90 mandarin ducks gather as local people put out grain on the river bank for the local muscovy ducks. As well as the mandarins there have been up to 60 mallard and it is a good spot for seeing dippers, kingfisher, grey wagtails and goosanders.

Mandarins 11 March 2013

When I first came to live on the edge of Dartmoor over twenty years ago there were small flocks of up to 14 Mandarins on the Rivers Dart and Bovey with pairs nesting on small ponds at sites in Parke and Yarner Wood._ Now I regularly see flocks of over 90 birds which is a stunning sight especially when the males start displaying, which they do throughout the winter.